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120 labs

30 schools

At Yearn to Learn India, we set up Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics laboratories in under-resourced government schools. These schools cater to a large amount of India’s children who come from low-income households.


For most of their lives, these children are deprived of any form of practical learning and are instead forced to memorise textbooks. Due to this, many score less than expected in their exams, don’t cope well in college, and often drop out.


Despite receiving primary education, these children still do not develop the appropriate skill set required to attain higher paying jobs and so they end up working the same low-income jobs as their parents.


This is why we, at Yearn to Learn India, are taking large steps in ensuring students receive a whole-rounded education that gives them enough practical and real world experience so that they can set out to discover, create and innovate. By using the Yearn to Learn labs, students as young as 12 years old have significantly improved their scores and are now beginning to invent solutions to problems that plague their homes or their societies.


To date, Yearn to Learn India has opened and maintained 120 labs in 30 schools, giving around 15000 students access to experiential learning.

To know more about how these students are using their experiential learning, click here.


Parikrma Centre For Learning

Govt School Ulsoor.jpg

Government Kannada Higher Primary School, Ulsoor

govt high school nallurhalli.jpg

Government Higher Primary School, Nallurahalli


Sri Jagaduru Panditaradhya PU College

govt channasandra.jpg

Government Higher Primary School, Channasandra

Sri Saraswathi vidya mandir.jpg

Sri Saraswathi Vidya Mandira, Magadi

Sukrupa (1).jpg

Sukrupa Foundation

Govt School Dodabelle.jpg

Doddabele Government School

Govt School soladevannahalli.jpg

Soladevanahalli Government School

Henk Bruna Swami Vivekananda Round Table School

Henk Brunna.jpg

Government Boys High School, Hoskote

Govt boys hoskote.JPG

Ramana Vidyaniketan School


Lovedale Foundation

Lovedale Foundation.jpg

Brilliant Public Nursery and Primary School

Brilliant public school.jpg

Government High School, Puttenhalli

govt school puttenahalli (1).jpg

Government High School, Bettahalasuru

govt school beta.jpg

Government High School, Vidyanagar

govt high school vidyanagar (1).jpg

Shri Vivekananda High School

Shri Vivekananda.jpg
bbmp girls high (1).jpg

BBMP Girls High School, Srirampura

govt narasipura (1).jpg

Government Higher Primary School, Narasipura

ramakrishna (1).jpg

S. Ramakrishna Memorial Kannada High School

sree ganga (1).jpg

Shree Ganga Vidyaniketan School

seva ashram (1).jpg

Seva Ashram High School

florida english school (1).jpg

Florida English School, Padarayanapura

janes english (1).jpg

Janes English Nursery and Primary School

govt school yelahanka.JPG

Government High School, Yelahanka New Town

govt school begur (1).jpg

Government High School, Begur

Sri Vidya Nikethan School

Sri vidyaniketan.jpg

Government Girls High School, Hoskote

govt girls hoskote.JPG

Divine Mercy School

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