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Picture this:

Your loved one is fighting for their life in a hospital and you’ve been running pillar to post all day hoping to secure an oxygen cylinder for them. You stand in long queues for hours in the scorching heat. You’re hungry and need food and water to function effectively. You yourself are COVID-19 positive and weak, but you’re still standing in the queue waiting for the much needed oxygen. If you leave the queue to feed yourself, your loved one will lose their battle. Should you ever be forced to decide between feeding yourself and saving your loved one’s life? Should you ever be denied the basic human right of food? This is the unfortunate reality of the underprivileged today, who wait for hours together outside hospitals desperately hoping to save their loved ones from this deadly virus. 

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Ration Distribution Drive 

Approximately 2.15 lakh auto drivers have applied for financial aid, but they are still struggling. The financial aid provided by the government ( Rs. 3000) provides some relief, auto drivers are still struggling as the country is slowly emerging the lockdown and citizens are still skeptical about public transport. That is why we, at Yearn to Learn India, organized a ration distribution drive for approximately 700 auto drivers in Bangalore, India. The contents of the ration kits include rice, wheat atta, ragi atta, channa dal, jaggery, red chili powder, pepper, turmeric powder/haldi, and cooking oil.


The drive was attended by deputy CM Dr Aswanthnarayan and over 650 dry ration kits were distributed. we thank all our donors for there support in donating to this cause because without your support this drive would have never been possible.

We, at Yearn to Learn India, are striving to solve this.


We have collaborated with Feed the Need Foundation to deliver cooked meals to these unfortunate and underprivileged people.


The people of Bangalore want to live and they need you.


Even just ₹100 will feed 5 people, so please donate. 

Click here to check out our fundraiser.


become a


As a Fundraising Intern, you will be in charge of your own Ketto Fundraiser. This is your chance to show your leadership skills and help hundreds of underprivileged people in India.

At the end of your internship, you will be given a certificate from our NGO as well as a letter of recommendation explaining your incredible contribution.


Internship length: 2-4 weeks


Note: The Fundraising Intern will be assisted in starting their own supporting Ketto fundraiser.

Check out our JOIN US page for more information!


Here's what we are doing with your money, and how you are feeding the needy every day from the comfort of your home.


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