Students from Yearn to Learn labs appearing for Science and Math Olympiads 

Written Testimonial By Father V.B  Gerard, Principal, Divine Mercy School 

​"Teachers are  utilizing the Science and Math lab and children are finding that learning Science is fun. Children are able to understand Physics, Chemistry & Biology models and experiments more easily with the help of all the lab equipment".  

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​​​​​​Written Testimonial from Head Mistress Bharathi, S. Ramakrishna Memorial Kannada High School

"​It will be more helpful to our students and teachers" 


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​​“It is very hard to sweep a small portion of the house on a daily basis, imagine sweeping an entire floor of a school”, says Vikas. Vikas was moved by the sight of an old lady sweeping the floor of his school. He informed his principal who then assigned the sweeping task to a younger lady. However Vikas did not stop here. This incident inspired him to create a vacuum cleaner that would ease the hard work of sweeping. He used an empty plastic bottle, a 9V battery, a small motor,

Prem Kumar B is a 7th grade student and loves science. His father works as a mason.  In one of the practical classes at Yearn to Learn lab he tried his hand at making something useful and ended up creating a blender. Watch his video where he explains how he made it.  

a netted cloth, and a small piece of thin metal sheet in round shape. It took him days to come up with a perfect model and finally he created a low cost vacuum cleaner. But all this would not have been possible without the help of my Science teacher and Yearn to Learn labs. Yearn to Learn has provided us with full fledged science labs at our school. This helped me and many more students to get creative with our ideas, says Vikas. Vikas is a 7th grade student at Divine Mercy School. His father works at a fabrication factory.  

​​Written Testimonial from Principal, Sri Jagaduru Panditaradhya PU College

"​The Yearn to Learn Labs are very helpful as it makes it easier for students to learn and for teachers to teach" 


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A student writing her Olympiad exam 

Certificate from Indian Disabled League (IDL Foundation) for sponsoring the college education of 25 visually impaired students.  

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Vikas creates a low cost Vacuum Cleaner in the Yearn to Learn Lab 

Students demonstrating Chemistry experiments in the Yearn to Learn Labs 

Written Testimonial By  Father V.B Gerard, Principal, Divine Mercy School 

"Recently we had a Science Exhibition in our school and we remembered you very much. If not for your support, our children would have never seen a Science Lab. All the lab equipment came in as a great blessing in organizing this Science Exhibition. Learning Science has become fun, children are really enthused with practical period. The labs have empowered the teachers to effectively address the theory and practicals". ​ 

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Written Testimonial By Kalpana Singh, Head of Junior College, Parikrma  

"The lab is really helping our students to consolidate concepts being taught in the classroom and both school and college students keenly compete to gain access to it for practical classes. The students of junior college found it specially useful since their practical exams carry 30 marks and constant practice in the lab helped them do well." ​ ​​

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​​​​​​​​​​​Written Testimonial from Head Master, Government Girls High School, Hoskote

"​The Science lab has increased the learning capacity in students"


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A student makes a Multi Reflection Box 


1. Yearn to Learn has till date launched 94 laboratories of Science and Math in 24 schools. These      laboratories are benefiting 12000 students. Some schools are sharing their laboratories with other nearby government schools as well. 

2. Students are discovering, creating and innovating.  With fully equipped Yearn to Learn labs in their very own premises, the students from these schools are now learning Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology through practical experiments. 


3. Students who had never seen labs before are now creating vacuum cleaners, blenders, periscopes, multi-reflection boxes and are seen conducting and demonstrating chemistry experiments with confidence.  See videos below. 

​4. Schools with Yearn to Learn Labs are holding Science exhibitions and gearing up to compete with other schools in inter-school science competitions. 

5. Exam results and grades of students have significantly improved after the starting of Yearn to Learn Labs. Read testimonials from Schools below. 

6. Students are participating in competitive exams like Olympiads. Olympiads are competitive examinations, for the very best in School level Science and Math.  Last year between October 2017 to December 2017, Yearn to Learn organized & sponsored Level 1 Science and Math Olympiads for 5 batches of students and Level 2 Olympiads for 3 batches of students.  

7. The students who did well in Level 1 Olympiads were encouraged to participate in Level 2.  And to help students who did not farewell in Level 1, Yearn to Learn  started 2 mentoring programs called "Math is Fun" and "Science is Super". ​​

Written Testimonials from Schools 

A student explains how he  created a Periscope 

​​​​​​Written Testimonial from Head Mistress Thimmarajamma, Government Higher Primary School, Narasipura

"​This materials will improve the quality of education and also be useful to develop learning" 


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Yearn to Learn is an Initiative by NGO

"Women Have the Same Set of Teeth As Men" 

The other initiatives by this NGO are 

Bags, Books & Blessings and Knicnacs

​​Written Testimonial from Head Master B. Rajashekar, Government High School, Yelahanka New Town

"​The Yearn to Learn Labs are very helpful. Students are feeling motivate as they can learn easily" 


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Prem Kumar makes a Blender 

​​​​​​​​​​​Written Testimonial from Head Master, Sri Saraswathi Vidya Mandir High School, Magadi

"​We are very grateful for donation of the lab apparatus and we look forward to continued support and help in the future as well"


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