"All of us do not have equal talents. But all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents." 

A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Yearn to Learn has so far launched 35 laboratories of Science and Math in 9 schools. These laboratories are benefiting 6000 students. Furthermore some schools are sharing their laboratories with other nearby government schools as well.

With fully equipped Yearn to Learn labs in their very own premises, the children from these schools are now learning Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology through practical experiments. 

Students who had never seen labs before are now creating vacuum cleaners, blenders, periscopes, multi-reflection boxes and are seen conducting and demonstrating chemistry experiments with confidence.  

Watch the videos below to know more :-

Prem Kumar makes a Blender 

Written testimonials from  Schools 

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​​“It is very hard to sweep a small portion of the house on a daily basis, imagine sweeping an entire floor of a school”, says Vikas. Vikas was moved by the sight of an old lady sweeping the floor of his school. He informed his principal who then assigned the sweeping task to a younger lady. However Vikas did not stop here. This incident inspired him to create a vacuum cleaner that would ease the hard work of sweeping. He used an empty plastic bottle, 

Prem Kumar B is a 7th grade student and loves science. His father works as a mason.  In one of the practical classes at Yearn to Learn lab he tried his hand at making something useful and ended up creating a blender. Watch his video where he explains how he made it.  

a 9V battery, a small motor, a netted cloth, and a small piece of thin metal sheet in round shape which cost him approximately Rs. 120. It took him days to come up with a perfect model and finally he created a low cost vacuum cleaner. But all this would not have been possible without the help of my Science teacher and Yearn to Learn labs. Yearn to Learn has provided us with full fledged science labs at our school. This helped me and many more students to get creative with our ideas, says Vikas. Vikas is a 7th grade student at Divine Mercy School. His father works at a fabrication factory.  

A student explains how he  created a Periscope 

Vikas creates a low cost Vacuum Cleaner in the Yearn to Learn Lab 

A student makes a Multi Reflection Box 

Students demonstrating Chemistry experiments in the Yearn to Learn Labs 

Students from Yearn to Learn labs are now gearing up to participate in Math and Science Olympiads to be held in November-December 2017. 

Schools with Yearn to Learn labs have started preparation to host a Science Expo in their premises.