Parikrma has decided to share its Science Lab with many other children from the government schools

Student - Junior College, Parikrma Centre for Learning, Sahakar Nagar 

development, some good work in the communities. Because I think it is very important for all of us to understand that sometimes we need to reflect and think why is it that only 3% of the entire country’s population owns 80% of the country’s wealth. There is great social inequity and divide and few of us must do something to erase that. And with initiatives like Nikhiya has taken, it shows that you don’t need to really become an industrialist, you don’t need to become old or retire to try and do social good. You can try and do good even when you are young and when you are also personally dependent on others. Because it’s the idea that is more important than material. I think it’s very important for schools like us to teach our children that they can become change agents, wherever they are however old they are. So it is imp for us to create a movement of becoming aware about what is required and try and do something about it. Thank you”

Father Gerard, Founder & Chief Mentor, Divine Mercy School 

Yearn to Learn has so farlaunched 15 laboratories of Science and Math in various schools. These laboratories are benefiting 3000 students. Furthermore most schools have decided to share their laboratories with other government schools as well.

Now with fully equipped Yearn to Learn labs in their very own premises, the children from all these schools will now learn Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology through practical experiments just like any other child going to any other school or primary college. They will now have an equal opportunity to score marks, excel in science and math subjects. They will now have more career choices in front of them.

“Mathematic lab is a place where we can experiment and explore ideas, patterns and find answers to the problems”


8th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

 “Math lab provides an opportunity for students to discover through doing”

My School Principal, Aloysius D'Mello Sir, Greenwood High School 

is the way you go about it. How is this lab going to help us? We could have as well also functioned without the lab and without the basic necessities of the lab. But we at Parikrma believe that there should be experiential children learning and students should learn beyond the textbooks. And this initiative of Nikhiya is really going to help our students do very well across school and college. Thank you very much Nikhiya for this initiative.”


8th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

Anna Marie

7th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

Stella Mary

9th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

“We now understand the importance of a Math Lab”

Mrs. Shukla Bose, Founder and CEO of Parikrma Humanity Foundation 

“Greenwood High is one such school that believes in giving back to society. Great job. I feel proud that you are a student of Greenwood High”.

Mark Harizon

9th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

​“It is necessary for every school to have the latest & high quality Science lab these days. Teaching of science involves seeing, handling and manipulating real objects & materials. Lab experiments that are conducted in front of the children help them to retain knowledge for longer time”

“The word science is derived from the Latin word Scientia, meaning knowledge. Science is all about asking questions like how, why, what, where before accepting any statements. I am a Math Teacher and I teach grades 6 to 10. Each time I enter the class, I overhear the children saying “Oh! He has come”. Math is a boring subject. It is an abstract subject and lacks tangibility because of the way it is taught.  Without a lab or without instruments or practicals, Science is incomplete. You have to touch, feel, sense and you have to understand the concept. Math is also one of the sciences, where there is a clear cut and specific answer to every problem. For e.g. the answer of 2 + 2 is equal to 4. It cannot be 2 or 5. Whatever you do in Math, you arrive at an absolute answer. In Math we use theorems which are derived scientifically. For e.g. Pythagoras theorem is a proven mathematical statement. Science gives you specific answers to all the questions.  If you are good in Math, you will be good in logical thinking, critical thinking and problem solving. I am grateful to Nikhiya and her team for providing Math and Science lab for our students. I along with other teachers in this school will take it forward and make the best use of it for our students”

Angel Deepika

5th Grade Student 

Divine Mercy School 


10th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School 

​“The labs will be very helpful to us. Without the labs Science and Math subjects are very dull. Now that we have a good Math and Science Lab, we will enjoy it and study well”

“I thank all of you for the Science and Math Labs. Without the Science Lab it would have been very difficult for us to teach the children. Just all theoretical knowledge would be very boring for the children and it would be difficult for them to grasp everything. Now with the Physics, Chemistry, Biology Labs the children will really enjoy it. They will understand the abstract concepts better as they will experience it first hand in these labs. And we as teachers also will be very happy to train the children in this lab” 


Mr. Hegde, Math Teacher, Sukrupa Foundation 

“My name is Shukla Bose. I am the founder and CEO of Parikrma Humanity Foundation which is an NGO that has been running now for 12 years, that tries to give absolutely high quality equal education to children from marginalized homes, from the streets, slums and orphanages in Bangalore. We have 4 schools, a Junior College and a Teacher Training Centre for Government School Teachers. I think this journey has been possible because we have had friends like Nikhiya who has supported us in various ways. We try and go to organizations and individuals to inspire them to try and also partner with us in trying to do some 

Mrs. Lakshmi, Science Teacher, Divine Mercy School 

“Science is different from any other subject. To understand it one has to look beyond the conventional classroom teaching. The equipments in a Science lab enables a student to interact directly with the data which is gathered. By touching and feeling things we can remember things longer”

“Now that we have a Math lab in our school, we can solve Math problems easily. We thank kind hearts for their support”

Mrs. Kalpana Singh, Head of Junior College, Parikrma Centre for Learning

​“When we began we did with practically empty hands. And as this new year begins, you are all angels of mercy. The almighty has inspired you to do something really meaningful and worthwhile for these children who do not have the opportunity for education. If not for education these children would have done menial tasks. You have made a great impression. It will brighten the life of these children. The Science and Math laboratories are a state of art facility that you have given to the children. Definitely they will make good use of it and progress”

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Principal, Parikrma Centre for Learning, Sahakar Nagar 

Mr. M. Sathiaseelan, Director and Chief Mentor of Sukrupa Foundation presenting a hand made painting to the Yearn to Learn team. The beautifulpainting was done by a student of Sukrupa.

​“First of all I would like to thank you for this great work that you are doing. Wish you all the best for your future endeavor. This has been one of our best gifts for children’s day. God bless you, live long and spread the good work that you are doing. It is an important feat in Parikrma what you have done because we believe experiential learning is the way a child must learn and without the science lab, half the science concepts would be just theory. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to have experienced this gift that you have given us. Thank you so much. God bless.”​

​“Scientific theory can be better understood when they are taught by using models and equipments. Children develop interest when they observe various things in front of their eyes.”

“Thank you for this wonderful lab for us. For a Science student a lab is very useful. It makes us understand practically, it is very helpful. We can learn many things through models, experiments and it is beyond books. It is very good to learn things like this. We’ll really enjoy it.”

“I am Kalpana and I head the Parikrma Junior College. I think this is a wonderful initiative that Nikhiya has done. She is an inspiration to so many other children. It all goes to say that you don’t have to wait till you are about 30 or 40 or till retirement to start doing good. The thought can begin right from the time when you are in school. It takes a different kind of perception to actually consider looking at the other side, how the other side lives, how the children from  the   other  side  struggle  to  come  up. 

And when you can lend a helping hand, this 


10th Grade Student 

Sukrupa School