On 14th March 2017, volunteers of Yearn to Learn spent a memorable evening with the visually impaired students and their families. 

We bonded over games and songs. In many ways the students played better than most of us. They listened more carefully and remembered without taking notes. 

It was amazing to see them perform competitively at the games and win prizes. It was a humbling to watch how these students had high desire and motivation to succeed. The only thing that they need is equal opportunity!

Yearn to Learn is sponsoring the education of 25 visually impaired students. It will oversee their school as well as college level education and will also help them achieve their career objectives.

With the visually impaired students at their hostel 

The funds for the education of visually impaired students are being sourced from the sale of products on the e-commerce platform www.knicnacs.com, which sells quirky & unique gifting products. The sole purpose of this e-commerce platform is to raise funds to sustain the activities of Yearn to Learn and Bags, Books and Blessings.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these products are directed to fund the volunteer activities. The website is online since Jan 2017 and in just 2 months, it has showed gross sales of over Rs. 200,000. ​