Volunteers of Yearn to Learn spent a memorable evening with the visually impaired students and their families. 


"We are happy to tie up with Yearn to Learn and serve the blind",

Staff of the Blind School.

"My name is Mallikarjun. I am studying 2nd PUC in Yelahanka Government PU College. My native place is Kalburgi. I come from a family of farmers. I want to become a Tabala Master". 

Ismail wants to become a High School Teacher and teach students 

Yearn to Learn is helping Pakeerappa's aspirations of becoming a

Kannada Lecturer

"My name is Pakeerappa. I am doing my 2nd Year B.A in MES College. I am from Belgaum. I aspire to become a Kannada Lecturer. Yearn to Learn is helping me complete my education and I am thankful for the same" 

"I am staff at the school where we serve the blind. We take care of their food, education and lodging. We thank Yearn to Learn for funding the educational needs of our students"

Jayaprakash teaches computers to visually impaired students 

"I study at the Vijayanagar First Grade College in Bangalore. I am doing my 2nd Year B.A in Journalism. I am from Davangere. I aspire to become a Kannada Lecturer. Yearn to Learn has helped me a lot by providing us computers to learn and by helping me pursue my studies." Mallappa.

"My name is Jayaprakash. I am from Bangalore. I have completed my graduation. I am working as Computer Faculty. Yearn to Learn and Nikhiya are doing a good job in helping the less privileged and physically disabled children."

Nataraj loves music and wants to play Tabala. He also wants to work as a Computer Teacher. 

We bonded over games and songs. In many ways the students played better than most of us. They listened more carefully and remembered without taking notes. 

"My name is Ismail. I am studying in the 2nd Year B.A in Vijayanagar First Grade College. I am from Bijapur. I want to become a High School Teacher and teach others. Yearn to Learn is helping us in pursuing our education and is also improving the quality of education"

Yearn to Learn is helping Mallappa complete his B.A in Journalism

"I am Nataraj. I am studying 2nd Year  PUC at Government PU College, Yelahanka. My native place is Doddaballapur. I would like to become a Tabala master and a Computer Teacher. I like music very much. Yearn to Learn has given me an opportunity to study." 

With the visually impaired students at their hostel 

It was amazing to see them perform competitively at the games and win prizes. It was a humbling experience to watch how these students had high desire and motivation to succeed. The only thing that they need is equal opportunity!

Yearn to Learn has given us the confidence that physically disabled people can study and gain respect, says Mallikarjun 

Yearn to Learn has funded the education of 25 visually impaired students. 

The funds for the education of visually impaired students are sourced from the sale of products on our e-commerce platform www.knicnacs.com, which sells quirky & unique gifting products. The sole purpose of this e-commerce platform is to raise funds to sustain the activities of yearntolearn.in and bagsbooksandblessings.com. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these products are directed to fund the volunteer activities. 



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"Women Have the Same Set of Teeth As Men" 

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